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Quick and Easy Ordering Before the 4th!

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

If you would like to do a quick, easy shopping trip so you can have fresh foods after the Holiday, check out !

We have so many new items this week, including a new Vendor…Slippery Slope Farm!

Come see what’s fresh on Palouse Grown Market, and make ordering local healthy foods a breeze!

Thank you for supporting the Market and local small farms.

Have a nice Holiday,

Market Manager

Cukes, Cabbages and Greens!

It’s been hot on the Palouse, but the produce on Palouse Grown Market has been gaining from the sun and hot weather!

Cucumbers, garlic scapes, cabbage, broccoli, salad greens, head lettuce, kale, bunched carrots, celery, zucchini, green onions, radicchio and much more…can all be easily ordered, freshly harvested by local farmers, and ready for a speedy pick-up every Tuesday.

This next Tuesday HUMBLE BURGER will be at the Tuesday Grower’s Market at the 1912 Center, which is also PGM’s pick-up location.
There’s lots of close, easy parking and tents and trees for shade!
Grab a delicious burger made with high-quality ingredients, then take home your order of fresh foods from PGM! Hope to see you there!

Thank you and enjoy your week.

Market Manager

Farm-direct foods!


When thinking about your upcoming week, don’t forget that Palouse Grown Market can help make shopping easy.

Everything on the Market is grown with organic, natural standards.

Order the healthiest local foods, then pick it up, freshly harvested, on Tuesday.

Check out the abundance grown right here on the Palouse!

Thank you!

Market Manager

Wednesday=Market is Open!

This week, make your shopping easy and purchase local fresh foods on Palouse Grown Market!

The Market is open weekly, Wednesday through Sunday night.

Tuesdays at the 1912 Center have been great! With PGM being closely located to the East Parking lot it provides for easy Vendor drop-off and Customer pick-up, and there are many excellent Vendors there for the Tuesday Growers Market as well if you need to do any further shopping.
Come check it out!

Thank you for buying local!

Market Manager

Last day this week to place an order!

Hello Members of Palouse Grown Market!

Sunday is the last day of the week to order from Palouse Grown Market before it closes for the two weekly “harvest days”, Monday and Tuesday.

Get inspired by the local foods we have on the Market and build your weekly shopping list and recipes based on what’s fresh and in season!

You’ll be impressed with how little time it takes to order online!

Thank you for supporting PGM and your local farmers!

Market Manager

Buy Local, Online!

I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful sunny weekend.

This is a “fresh list” of all the bounty Palouse Grown Market, you local Online Farmer’s Market, has to offer!
Take a peek! And remember, everything you order will be freshly harvested and ready for pick up on Tuesdays at the 1912 Center in the heart of Moscow from 4-6:30.

Thank you for your support, and enjoy!

Market Manager

Healthy, Fresh, Local food with a Passion!

Hey There!

After visiting Palouse Prairie Farms today, I have a new burst of awe and amazement for the hard work and passion behind lots of our local farmers, who use this internal momentum to produce high-quality foods for our Community.

You can find many of those farmers right here, on Palouse Grown Market.
There’s nothing healthier or better than what these farmers produce!

Grass-fed and finished beef, raw milk cheese, naturally grown produce, free-range eggs, fresh-cut flowers, it’s all available in one easy online stop.

Enjoy shopping this week at

Thank you!

Market Manager

Farm Fresh Foods


Sunday is the last day of the week to order, so make your purchase today for a freshly harvested order on Tuesday!

Palouse Grown Market was created to support local farmers growing high-quality, healthy foods for the community. Buying online and local saves on emissions, helps boost the local economy, enhances local food security, and provides another way to access local foods in a quick, easy manner for farmer and customer.

Check out the Market at: to browse local farm-fresh foods and make an easy online purchase to support local farms, plus get the freshest food the Palouse has to offer.

Pick up is always on Tuesdays at the 1912 Center between 4-6:30, where you can make a quick stop or stay awhile perusing the Tuesday Grower’s Market.
Payment is easy, either pay online or when you pick up your order.
Your first two orders are free, and then there’s only a $25 yearly membership fee, there are no hidden fees or commitments.

As always, thank you, your support is greatly appreciated.


Market Manager

Order Farm-Fresh foods at the click of a button!


This is your friendly weekly email from Palouse Grown Market tempting you with our fresh products for the week! (See below)

I’ve already established the weekly farm-fresh staples that I get delivered to the drop point every Tuesday, and you could too! PGM is an easy, consistent way to support and eat local.
Check it out!

Thank you and enjoy your week,

Market Manager

Sunday - Last day to order for the week!

Good Evening!

This is a quick reminder that today is the last day to order from Palouse Grown Market for the week! PGM is closed Monday, Tuesday for Harvest.

Get your fresh, healthy, local food at the click of a button! Ordering is easy and directly benefits local farms, plus, you get the highest quality foods on the market!

We’ll see you at the Tuesday Growers Market at the 1912 Center for pick up from 4-6:30!

Thank you for your supporting local!

Market Manager