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Tomorrow First Day Of the Season

Greetings all,

Tomorrow is the first day of the season for the market once again at the 1912 Center in Moscow. I am excited about this year and the bounties it will bring. We also have a new pick up place now in Pullman at the Palouse Conservation District office @ 1300 NE Henley Court #6 Pullman, Wa 99163

It is just north of the Switzer Campus & East of the Little Edisons School and SEL Family Center. Pullman pick ups will be Fridays from 4 p.m. until 6:30 p.m.

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact me @




Hello all~

As we gear up for the growing season (which looks like we’ll have enough water for!) I wanted to update you on this upcoming season for Palouse Grown Market.
I have chosen to expand my farming knowledge by getting my hands in the dirt and working on my Dads farm in Greenbluff, Wa this season. I’m super excited for this new opportunity, though this also means I will not be managing Palouse Grown Market. I have found an ambitious replacement in Anthony (please see his email below) who is going to keep the Market going this season and he is also hoping to expand the Market into wider wholesale opportunities (restaurants, events, etc) for interested farmers. I believe his experience in farm-to-table restaurants in Flagstaff and Seattle as well as farming his family’s land in the Pullman area and raising livestock will be of great benefit to the future of this market as it continues to grow. We are working together to make this a very smooth transition.
Members, thank you so very much for your support this past season and thank you vendors for growing/raising and providing your neighbors clean, healthy foods, it makes a world of difference in our community in so many ways.

Wishing you all a very happy spring,



The seasons and weather are changing swiftly. As are many other things around us. I was lucky enough to meet Holly at the Palouse-Clearwater Food Summit. We started throwing around some idea’s, opportunities fell her direction and she asked if I was interested. How could I not accept?

I do not plan on making any major changes to the current business model. But as Holly said I feel there is also opportunity for growth in your market through entering into the wholesale side of the food system (restaurants, schools etc.). I am currently working on getting information for applicable permits / licensing, etc…

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas or you just want to chat feel free to contact me.

Email address:

Phone: (520) 559-1444

Postal address:
1001 Wawawai Pullman Rd.
Pullman, Wa. 99163

With great humility and a lot of excitement I look forward to working with you this season.


Weblog Entry

Happy Friday!

Below is a list of local products on Palouse Grown Market.

Make a order, while you still can!

Enjoy the weekend.

Market Manager

Last week!

Good morning!

This is the last week Palouse Grown Market will be open for the season!
This is your opportunity to make an order of local foods that’ll be harvested just for you and ready at pick up!

Thank you to all who supported this endeavor this season and the people, families and farms that make up this local online farmer’s market!

We’ll keep on growing and finding new ways to bring locally grown clean foods and handmade crafts to the table.



Two weeks left!

Good morning!

Palouse Grown Market will be open and taking orders for local fresh foods until the 26th, making the last pick up day Tuesday October 27th.

Get some locally grown produce while you still can!

Stock up on 10lb boxes of tomatoes, canned goods, onions, garlic, grains, legumes and more!


Market Manager

Last day to order BULK!

Monday is the last day of the season to order BULK carrots, potatoes and onions from Pokey Creek Organic Farm!

There’s also lots of locally grown, fresh foods flowers and jewelry that is available, and will be available through the end of October!

Check it out, and enjoy an easy way to buy local.

Have a great week!

Market Manager


Good morning!

Palouse Grown Market is open and taking orders for the week.

Check out the abundance grown right here, on the Palouse!

Thanks for buying local,

Market Manager

Last day of the week to order!

Happy Monday!

This is the last day of the week to order from Palouse Grown Market, your local online farmer’s market!

Chose from a variety of locally-grown items, check out, and then arrive at the 1912 Center on Tuesday to pick up your freshly harvested order!


Market Manager

Storage Crops!

Check out Palouse Grown Market to stock up on storage crops for the winter!
Canned beets, pickled jalapeños, German butterball potatoes, storage onions and carrots, and more!

Also, get your fresh local produce while it’s still around!

Happy Friday,

Market Manager

'Tis the season.

…to buy fresh LOCAL FOOD before it’s GONE!

Check out Palouse Grown Market to make an online order of naturally grown foods that will be harvested the day you receive them!

You can also add fresh-cut flowers to your order!

Thank you for supporting local farms, growing you the highest quality products.

Market Manager