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Fresh Sheet!

Happy Friday

Below is Palouse Grown Market’s weekly Fresh Sheet!

Enjoy the abundance grown right here, on the Palouse!

Market Manager


When you buy on Palouse Grown Market, you can rest assured that you’re getting the freshest, highest quality food, with the least amount of emissions used, and it’s grown right here, in your community.

Thank you for eating local!
Not only are you supporting the community’s local farmers, it’s also super healthy for you and your family too!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Market Manager

Last day to order.

Happy Monday

We can help make your week easier.

Order local foods online at Palouse Grown Market, and we’ll have an order of fresh foods ready for pick up on Tuesday.

Below, you can review this weeks freshest items.

Enjoy, and have a great week.

Market Manager

Local foods!

Please see below the weekly “fresh list” of local items!

Buy produce, plants, flowers, crafts, grains, cheese, and more online then pick up on Tuesday!

Thank you for your support in buying local foods.

Market Manager

Market is Open!

Your local Online Farmers Market is open today through Monday!

Select what you want from a variety of local products, pay online or at pick up on Tuesday when you receive you order that was harvested the same day!

Thanks for buying local!

Market Manager

Last day to place order!

Happy Monday!

If you’d like an order of freshly harvested local foods for pick up tomorrow, order online today!
We also have flower bouquets, hand made jewelry, and aloe plants!

Thank you for buying local.

Market Manager

Local Online Farmers Market

Shop an online market, where everything is LOCAL, SUSTAINABLY GROWN and SUPER FRESH.

Enjoy the abundance that comes from the Palouse, and is grown by your neighbors.

Come check it out!
Ordering is a snap, and pick up is easy.

Happy (early) Friday!

Market Manager

Eat Local

Eat Local week is coming up, September 13-19 , with lots of awesome events that celebrate food and farming on the Palouse.
(See link below)

Another way to support your local foodshed is to purchase local foods from local farms.

Take a look at Palouse Grown Market, where there is an abundance of fresh local foods.

Buy online, pick up your freshly harvested order on Tuesday.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Market Manager

Last chance!

Monday is now the last day of the week to order on PGM!

Come and check out what’s fresh this week….

Keepin' it easy!

Be sure to stop by Palouse Grown Market, online Farmer’s Market, before heading out this weekend!

We will make shopping for local food a breeze, and you will have fresh produce for pick up next Tuesday upon coming back from your Labor Day Weekend!

Come see us and peruse the Market: