Joseph's Grainery


Joseph’s Grainery is a family owned and operated business. Farming quality wheat, barley and lentils has been a family tradition for 5 generations now. Our family has farmed land outside of Colfax, Washington for over 70 years. The heritage of the land encompasses good stewardship and farming practices that ensure soil quality and longevity, as well as maintaining superior nutrient content in the whole grains and legumes we produce.

We take great care in the growing, cleaning, storage, milling and packaging of our grains. From plow to package, we do it all to ensure the highest quality food products for you. We consider our whole grain and legume products to be a high quality alternative to organics. All of our products are Kosher certified to demonstrate the level of care that we take in producing a safe food product for you and your family.

We take many different steps to reduce the need for inputs on our farm. We practice a three year crop rotation (most practice a 7 to 10 year) to help mitigate weeds. We don’t treat the grains and legumes with pesticides – we store them in smaller grain bins so we don’t have to. There are many natural wildlife areas on our land and our crew is like family…all of our full time employees have been with us for over 25 years!

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