Twin Creeks Farm


We believe in bringing our community together by sharing local, healthy and delicious food. We produce A2/A2 raw milk, free range farm eggs and hand crafted fresh cheese in many varieties.

Our Jerseys are grass-fed from our pastures during spring, summer and fall, and are supplemented with locally grown alfalfa/grass during winter and provided with free-choice vitamins, minerals and sea kelp throughout the year. We also provide them a handful of dairy mash at milking for a treat. All of our milk products, licensed under the Idaho Department of Agriculture, are made with fresh, hand-milked, A2/A2 milk from our own on-farm jersey cows free from medications, hormones and pesticides. Our chickens free-range across the property, supplemented only with fermented (soaked) locally-grown grains we blend with minerals.

At Twin Creeks Farm our goal is to produce exciting and delicious foods from happy animals on healthy lands. We take pride in keeping a clean farm and we value eating natural and complete foods. Our passion for food and our interest in nutrition has been an exciting part of our family. We have so many new friendships founded with food, we would love to invite you to join us!

Welcome to our table!

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