SpringSong Farm

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We have raised sheep and goats on our farm since 1983. All our sheep are descendants of our original flock of sheep bought in 1983, with occasional new rams brought in to prevent inbreeding. Corriedale sheep were developed over a century ago in New Zealand as a dual purpose breed—both for excellent meat and wool production. In addition to growing fantastic grass fed lambs, our ewes produce bountiful wool that is good for hand=spinning, knitting and felting. Our goats are a cross of Boer(meat goats) and Nubian (milk goats). We raise goat kids for meat production and milk a few for our home use (we do not sell dairy products at this time). We use llamas for predator control and use no growth promoting hormones or antibiotics. We do believe however, that although healthy husbandry will prevent most disease, it is far better for the welfare of the animals to prevent disease than to have to treat it, so we do engage in limited, select and targeted preventative management like vaccines or anti-parasitics, if they are needed to keep our animals healthy. Over the past few years, we have started taking the land that was leased to a wheat farmer out of constant grain production and converting it back to grasslands that are dotted with copses of trees (much like you see of the Palouse in old photos). We are using our sheep and goats to help us manage and repair the land and to produce wonderful grass-fed meat for the local market.

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