Elk Meadow Farm & Nursery LLC

Website: ElkMeadowNursery.com

We’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to make our small farm concept work. What we’re fleshing into are workshops and ways to come to the farm, choose plants you want for your garden then we’ll dig them up for you and send you home with them at the time you attend a workshop or one of our “Breakfast in the Garden” events. It’s our way of not competing with other farms. We’re good at beautification and education, but still have a ways to go to be ready for these events. This year we’re focusing on fencing the knoll where we farm. We have young fruit trees and berry plants that will be productive 2-3 years in the future.

In the meantime, we do have an egg route and this type of venue feels like a good match. If you have any plants in mind that you’d like to own, please feel free to ask us. They may not be in pots, but they’ll be ready to go into the ground. We seem to be good with kale. This year we’re doing a carrot trial. We have 19 varieties planted. We may have a kale potluck later in the year and/or a carrot tasting event. It depends on the weather and how far our bodies will take us this year as we work towards being ready for these events.

We’re also preparing for an intern (most likely next year) so if you have any ideas regarding that, please let us know!

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